Establish a chapter

The Metaverse Monday community is built on passionate individuals willing to learn and share views, contacts, trends, and visions. Those who contribute for others, will receive from community many times more. Metaverse Monday is a community of trusted introductions, everyone willing to learn and share should join NOW!

All Metaverse Monday chapters are founded and operated by metaverse industry volunteers passionate to support the local holistic development needs. A typical chapter has 3-5 individuals (founders/organizers) with different backgrounds, to help find most relevant event topics and formats, presenters, sponsors, and to reach to universities, developers, vc’s, public and private sector influencers, and to communicate with all relevant individuals.

Metaverse Monday events take place on Monday evenings in neutral locations. Events are free (sponsor or public sector supported) but participants must be relevant and ready to contribute. Metaverse Monday is built on the belief that innovative and sustainable development is based on personal trusted peer relationships which again encourages knowledge share. This can best be encouraged by regular physical meetings in organically formed hubs. Metaverse Monday chapter relates mostly to a suburb or city rather than a country.

Start your own city chapter now.