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We organize Metaverse Monday, a monthly IRL after-work gathering from 6 to 10 pm, with talks, panels, discussions, networking, drinks and finger food.

#8 München

18.03.2024, 6 pm

WeWork Odeonsplatz
Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 20
80333 München

#9 Düsseldorf

15.04.2024, 6 pm

Ruby Leni Residence
Lounge Jahnstraße 3
40215 Düsseldorf

#10 Düsseldorf

13.05.2024, 6 pm

Ruby Leni Residence
Lounge Jahnstraße 3
40215 Düsseldorf

Agenda & Speakers

#8 München, 18.03.2024

Metaverse Monday Mover "away game"

Apple Vision Pro Launch - Is This the iPhone Moment for XR Devices?

Luis Bollinger

Co-founder & CMO, Hololight

Apple Vision Pro – A device for the enterprise market?

Robin Moser

Head of Web3 & Metaverse, EPAM

Why there will be no “Killer App” for Apple Vision Pro

Patrick Gaissert

Head of Apple Platforms, MaibornWolff

From iPhones to Eye-Phone: Apples next everyday device - Part I

Christopher Krass

Senior Consultant Immersive Experiences & Strategy, MaibornWolff

From iPhones to Eye-Phone: Apples next everyday device - Part II

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We establish a community of Movers and Shakers in the  AI  I  Blockchain  I  Crypto  I  DAO  I  DeFi  I  GameFi  I  NFT  I  Web3  I  XR  space.


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OffChain Germany

Metaverse Monday is Official German Chapter of OffChain, a global networking community for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts that started in 2017. 

Our legacy

During the first 15 years of this millennium, when mobile took over the planet, an inaugural MobileMonday evening event in Helsinki to share knowledge on mobile trends, markets, technologies, and innovative services developed into the most influential meet-up platform for mobile movers & shakers in more than 150 chapters on all continents.

Mobile today is the default and has changed everything from the society to the way we are making business. With the rise of the blockchain technology, a new internet paradigm assumed a shape – coined the metaverse.

Our ambition

It’s said, that the metaverse will be the successor of the mobile internet. More and more incumbent platforms claiming their stake in this new version of the internet. If the metaverse has the potential to disrupt the smartphone, we thought we better accompany this journey. Having being part of the MobileMonday family and spirit, we gave this new movement the name Metaverse Monday, or just MEMO.

The idea is the same: Run events on Monday evenings, where metaverse bitheads, creators and maniacs meet and mingle with various industry stakeholders to share knowledge on metaverse trends, markets, technologies, and innovative services.

Our Team

Chris Goertz

Chief Metaverse Mixer

Mark Wächter

Chief Metaverse Mover

Sven Spöde

Chief Metaverse Shaker

Daniel Deason

Chief Metaverse Mixologist

Thomas Vits

Chief Metaverse Navigator

Where metaverse bitheads, creators and maniacs meet and mingle.

Want to participate? Join our next Metaverse Monday event and meet in person. We are looking forward to it.