Past Events

#1 Düsseldorf, 29.08.2022

Christian von den Brincken

Head of Strategy and Innovation, Ströer

The Dawn of the digital age. Finally…

Kristian Kerkhoff

CEO & Co-Founder, Demodern

Metaverse - from Hype to Business

Björn Schneider

CEO, construktiv

We built this city - a mysterious metaverse, digital fashion & virtual identities

Martin Frericks

Co-Founder, 42 Meta

Programmatic Advertising in the Metaverse

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#2 Düsseldorf, 19.09.2022

Thomas Vits

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, TangibleXR

Metaverse Ready Networks - Why we need them and how to use them

Holger Mannweiler

CEO, MetaBrewSociety

MetaBrewSociety – free beer from the Metaverse Brewery

Feray Özcan

Senior Business Development Manager, Meetaverse

Corporate Metaverses - how enterprises use their own custom spaces in the Metaverse (Live-Demo)

Hendrik Menz

Brand & Agency Sales Director, Anzu Virtual Reality

Metaverse vs. Gaming - (just) another advertising channel?