Past Events

#9 Köln, 13.05.2024

From (Gen)AI to GenXR: AI Powering the Next Dimension of the Metaverse

Patrick Steinert

Head of Technology Consulting, QVEST

AI boosts metaverse-media content synergy

Sebastian Kühne

Chief Design Officer, RAUM

The utility AI in the Metaverse - Application besides generative worlds

Michael Schwertel

Professor Media Management

AI: The Future of VR

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#8 München, 18.03.2024

Metaverse Monday Mover "away game"
Apple Vision Pro Launch - Is This the iPhone Moment for XR Devices?

Luis Bollinger

Co-founder & CMO, Hololight

Apple Vision Pro – A device for the enterprise market?

Robin Moser

Head of Web3 & Metaverse, EPAM

Why there will be no “Killer App” for Apple Vision Pro

Patrick Gaissert

Head of Apple Platforms, MaibornWolff

From iPhones to Eye-Phone: Apples next everyday device - Part I

Christopher Krass

Senior Consultant Immersive Experiences & Strategy, MaibornWolff

From iPhones to Eye-Phone: Apples next everyday device - Part II

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#7 Düsseldorf, 27.11.2023

Web3 is altering the loyalty landscape

Carsten Rossi

General Manager,
Kammann Rossi

How web3 and the Metaverse can save content marketing

Martina Skangalova


Web3's Influence on Consumer Identity, Behavior, and Brand Responsibilities

Achim Hepp

Digital Expert · Speaker · Creator · Degen

How NFTs define the future of loyalty programs

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#5 Düsseldorf, 13.02.2023

Rob Pereira

Sales Director DACH & NL, PICO business

Unlocking boundless potential for the Enterprise XR Business

Denis Gladys

Business Development Manager DACH, VR Expert

The hardware side of your metaverse strategy

Carsten Lackner

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, VRdirect

Scaling XR for Enterprises - best practice from large customers

Rahul Tomar

Managing Director, DigitalTwin Technology

Industrial Metaverse in Construction Sector

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#4 Düsseldorf, 28.11.2022
The Official ADC Digital Experience Evening Mixer

Burkhard Müller

Chief Digital Officer, Mutabor

Jessica Koch

Vice President New Business & Retail Media, Douglas

Valeriy Nemyrov

Senior Net Revenue and Category Manager, Henkel

Rafael Mroz

Head of Digital, Media & Content, Pernod Ricard Deutschland

Mark Wächter

Chief Metaverse Mover, Metaverse Monday

#3 Düsseldorf, 17.10.2022

Frank Ditz

Head of Entertainment, Media & Sport, Meta Platforms

The Road to the Metaverse - A Blueprint for Businesses

Carsten Rossi

General Manager, Kammann Rossi

Metaverse Responsibility put into practice: How to create great experiences and still be sustainable

Kim Berndt

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Studio.fbx

Metaverse Fashion: Dressing the digital world

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#2 Düsseldorf, 19.09.2022

Thomas Vits

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, TangibleXR

Metaverse Ready Networks - Why we need them and how to use them

Holger Mannweiler

CEO, MetaBrewSociety

MetaBrewSociety – free beer from the Metaverse Brewery

Feray Özcan

Senior Business Development Manager, Meetaverse

Corporate Metaverses - how enterprises use their own custom spaces in the Metaverse (Live-Demo)

Hendrik Menz

Brand & Agency Sales Director, Anzu Virtual Reality

Metaverse vs. Gaming - (just) another advertising channel?

#1 Düsseldorf, 29.08.2022

Christian von den Brincken

Head of Strategy and Innovation, Ströer

The Dawn of the digital age. Finally…

Kristian Kerkhoff

CEO & Co-Founder, Demodern

Metaverse - from Hype to Business

Björn Schneider

CEO, construktiv

We built this city - a mysterious metaverse, digital fashion & virtual identities

Martin Frericks

Co-Founder, 42 Meta

Programmatic Advertising in the Metaverse

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