We are OffChain Germany!

OffChain is a global community for old and new blockchain enthusiasts to discuss the latest and meet like-minded people. OffChain welcomes anyone from blockchain developers to VC’s to miners to quant traders to anyone who just owns a little bitcoin or wants to learn more.

Blockchain industry folks are plugged into the network 24/7 and are looking for an excuse to unplug once in a while to socialize. As the world becomes more and more on-chain, we see this as the perfect opportunity to go off chain to meet other passionate people in the space and educate newcomers.

OffChain meetups are for socialising and learning from one another so that we can stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the blockchain space. Going OffChain provides a casual space to not only talk about crypto but also make friends with people that have a very similar interest to us.

It’s also a great opportunity for those new to the blockchain space to learn from the old timers as they can catch them during their downtime.

OffChain was started in 2017 with the vision of bringing people together to connect on a human level. Our regular meetups are very casual with no speakers or sponsors but we have been known to have a speaker or panel from time-to-time.

We aim to help set-up further local OffChain chapters in Germany. If you want to join this endeavour, please contact Sven via E-Mail.

We are currently running a Telegram group for OffChain Germany, which can be accessed here.

For the global OffChain community site, please visit offchain.social